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HOW FAR OUT DO I BOOK MY SESSION OR WEDDING? We always recommend connecting with us at least 2-3 months out for sessions, and 6-8 months out for weddings.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE WEATHER ISN’T GOOD THE DAY OF MY SHOOT? Almost everything we do hinges on whether or not we have good light! Because of that, we do our best to be super flexible and have enough space in our schedule to move your session if need be. We really encourage you to do the same! We try and give the most notice possible, but sometimes it comes down to the last few hours before a session that we have to decide whether or not to reschedule.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO GET THE “PRINT RELEASE” TO MY PHOTOS? Getting a print release means that you have the freedom to print your photos wherever you like. In addition to a print release, you’ll also receive a link to a 30-day online viewing and ordering gallery. This gives you the opportunity to buy affordable, professional prints through us as well as easily share the photos with family and friends!

WHY ORDER PRINTS FROM RL WEDDINGS? We’re often asked, why choose our prints at higher prices than say Walmart or Costco? While sometimes it’s not in everyone’s budget, the difference in quality is tremendous, particularly in the larger print and canvas sizes. We go to great lengths to make sure the photos you receive are correctly calibrated with our printing company as well. The colors are represented accurately and the physical quality of paper and ink is made to last more than a lifetime.

HOW MANY PHOTOS DO I RECEIVE FROM MY SESSION OR WEDDING? We usually end up with 50-60 photos from Family and Senior sessions and upwards of 60-70 from Engagement sessions. Weddings typically receive 400-600 photos.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR MY PHOTOS TO BE FINISHED? Non wedding sessions take up to four weeks. Wedding photos are usually delivered within 7-9 weeks.

IF MY SESSION OR WEDDING IS CANCELLED OR POSTPONED, WHAT HAPPENS TO MY RETAINER? Retainers are your way to lock us in for a session or wedding. Sometimes things happen, and you need to reschedule. We totally understand! But because it’s not always easy for us to fill that spot, they are non-refundable even if your session or wedding is postponed or cancelled for any reason. They are however transferable! We’ll make every effort to reschedule with you should something change.

DO YOU TRAVEL FOR WEDDINGS OR SESSIONS? Absolutely! We can’t get enough travel in our lives. We are located in New York,NY Atlanta,GA & Boston, MA. We will travel anywhere within a 50 mile radius for no additional expense, but if you’ve got a spot you’re hoping to use outside of that, just ask! We’ll chat about all the details, locations, and travel expenses as we’re planning your session or wedding.

HOW MANY DIFFERENT OUTFITS CAN I WEAR TO MY SESSION? Outfit changes are an awesome way to create variety and personality in your photos! Because of the limited time and precious light during your session, we do suggest limiting it to no more than 3 outfit changes.

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